Annoyed Guy on Subway is Comedian James Michael Angelo; Explains He Didn’t Appreciate LeBron Elbowing Him (Video)


Meet comedian James Michael Angelo.

He is the guy he looked so annoyed at LeBron on the Subway. According to this twitter profile, he does a lot of different things.

He talked to For the Win about why he looked so mad.

Angelo claims he had no idea at the time it was James. As he told For The Win on Monday afternoon, all he knew was this: “I noticed a bunch of tall guys getting in the train, but I was listening to U2 and I didn’t want to be filmed.”

He thought it was a college basketball team. It was only when friends and fellow comedians started reaching out on social media that he realized what had happened.

“To be honest with you, they got on and they completely squished me and he was really unaware of his space,” Angelo said.

The reason he didn’t look too happy when the lens swung toward him? He said James’s elbow nearly nailed him three times. Angelo said he asked James to watch where his elbows were going, to which one of James’s Cavs teammates retorted, “It’s cool!”

Angelo said he hadn’t finished his latte so he wasn’t in the mood to be filmed.

Flip the page for the video and hilarious interaction between him and LeBron…

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