Monday, December 11, 2017
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Badass Cycling Man Celebrates Victory With Emphatic “Up Yours”

Image via screengrab

Here’s cyclist Lars Boom celebrating his victory on stage five of the Binckback Tour with an emphatic “up yours”:

Fuck yeah, dude. The bras d’honneur. Boom was reportedly fined 1,000 Swiss Francs for the gesture, which was apparently an expression of joy and not bloodthirst:

“It indeed brings a lot of joy,” said Boom. “The spring classics didn’t go as well as expected. Afterwards, I was close to the Dutch title. I worked hard to reach this level, and it’s great that I could achieve this. I always want to win. Therefore, it’s beautiful I can end a difficult period with many doubts in this way. Finally, I have been able to deliver my team a win and that’s great.”

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