Details on If Ex-Dolphins LINE Coach Chris Foerster’s Wife Michelle Was Aware of His Chocolate Stripper & Cocaine Habit


Chris Foerster has been married since 1985, has two grown kids and one small child according to FABWAGS.

Mrs. Foerster has been a registered nurse for 20 years and as you can imagine isn’t happy about the attention her husband has brought to the family after being caught professing his love for a stripper while snorting lines of cocaine.

The addiction part is something that Chris Foerster has been fighting for a long time and those closest to him already knew about.

They didn’t know about the chocolate strippers and that more than anything else is what is surprising to his colleagues and his wife. His wife actually studied addiction while in college according to Miami Herald.

I am not surprised at all because a lot of white men regardless of what they tell friends have a fascination with black women.

Flip the page for Foerster professing his love for the stripper while snorting cocaine before a team meeting as well as photos of Kijuana Nige..

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