Details on Two Young Sisters From Compton Making Noise in Golf (Video)


Stop if you heard this story before…

Two sisters from Compton are making waves in the sports world. But this time it’s on the golf course instead of a tennis court.

Packing a punch in tiny frames, 4 and 6 year Layla and Roxy Phillips are already getting the attention of the of the golf world with their impressive skills.

According to ABC 7 News, Layla (6) won a Southern California PGA drive, chip and putt competition, qualifying her for a junior world competition in San Diego. She’ll be competing against kids from Japan, China, Mexico and other countries. Roxy (4) prefers hitting along the fairway.

The sisters began playing golf when their mother, Jasimen Phillips wrote to Maggie Hathaway Golf Course to ask them to do something about the golf balls landing in their back yard. At the time Layla was 2. The course apologized and offered free lessons.

And the rest is history. Phillips told ABC 7 the goal is to get the girls full-rides to Stanford.

“In our family, education is always the first priority,” Jasimen Phillips said. “So our first goal is full-ride scholarships to Stanford. Everything else after that is icing on the cake.”

We at BSO will be cheering them on.

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