Dwight Howard Lies on Twitter About Not Having Beef With Kobe; Blames Media


Dwight Howard responded to a Twitter question on Sunday about his time on the Los Angeles Lakers. As you know Dwight’s time in LA didn’t end well and was marred by a clear clash in temperament and personality with Lakers star Kobe Bryant.

Stop it Dwight. We know you and Kobe had beef, it was evident watching the on court interaction, play, and comments from Kobe since. I think Dwight gets an unfair rap at times and the narrative that he is a cancer is slightly overblown. But there is a reason, since his time in Orlando, he’s been on 4 teams. The Lakers environment was something Dwight wasn’t used to. Kobe is not an easy guy to play with and is very demanding. Dwight could not handle it and they clashed. He should just own it and stop blaming the media. This doesn’t help change the narrative around him.

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