Golf Coach & Proud White Supremacist Brent Nottestad Resigns After Racist Comments to NASCAR Only Black Driver


If there is one thing about social media it makes it easier to find the racists who use to be hidden.

Case in point.

Cambridge High School head boys’ golf coach Brent Nottestad resigned Thursday after targeting an African American NASCAR driver with racially-driven tweets.

Nottestad, 42, is a 1993 Cambridge High School graduate who had been the school’s golf coach since 2014. He posted a series of tweets around 7:30 p.m. Wednesday that targeted Alabama NASCAR driver Darrell ‘Bubba’ Wallace, Jr., who is African American.

Shortly after 2 p.m. Wednesday, Wallace tweeted: “There is only 1 driver from an African American background at the top level of our sport… I am the 1. You’re not gonna stop hearing about ‘the black driver’ for years. Embrace it, accept it and enjoy the journey…”

About 7:20 p.m., Nottestad responded: “Will this fella just go away. Can’t drive himself out of an open wet paper bag. Sad to see the sport let this clown with zero ability.”

About 10 minutes later, Nottestad tweeted again: “Hey @BubbaWallace. Please quit with, ‘I’m black’ bs. You’re terrible. There are 1423 more credible drivers to get that ride than you.”

Nottestad was referring to the recent announcement that Wallace would replace Aric Almirola in Richard Petty Motorsports’ iconic No. 43 car as a full-time driver in 2018.

However, 1423 is also commonly associated with the Southern Brotherhood, an Alabama-based white supremacist prison gang. The website says its members “often use the numeric symbol 14/23, a reference to the ’14 Words’ slogan (“We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children”) and the “23 Precepts” of the Southern Brotherhood.”

Wallace responded directly to the second tweet. Alluding to Nottestad’s profile picture, the 24-year old Wallace tweeted: “Wow, I feel truly sorry for your kids. Again…to have so much hate towards somebody you’ve never met. Hope your kids grow up to be the exact opposite of a father you are…”

Nottestad responded about 7:35 p.m., after generating responses from several NASCAR fans and broadcasters. This time, he quoted a memoriam to Wallace’s grandmother, Jan, that was pinned to his Twitter wall. “Granny Jan die in a police shooting?” Nottestad wrote.

About 7:40 p.m., Nottestad tweeted one final time, this time referencing a photo of Wallace and a white NASCAR fan. “Almost looks like going to the zoo,” Nottestad posted.

These are the people who are your neighbors and coworkers, don’t be fooled.

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