Jerry Jones Plans to Overthrow Roger Goodell Because He Wouldn’t Make Players Stand For Anthem & Zeke Suspension


Jerry Jones is on a mission.

His mission is to destroy Roger Goodell. Does he have the juice to do it? Likely, not, but he is sure going to try.

Here is the latest report from SI.

There were other things that Jones and some owners didn’t like about Goodell’s recent performance. Why didn’t this commissioner have the juice to make the approximately 16 current players who have not been standing for the national anthem—only 1% of the league’s active players, but enough to drive fans and major sponsors batty—end their demonstrations? Why was Goodell so suspension-happy, particularly in cases (Tom Brady, Elliott) that had significant doubt?

Six days after the contentious conference call, ESPN’s Chris Mortensen reported that Cowboys attorney Jason Cohen sent a letter to the Compensation Committee, claiming that NFL owners have been “unquestionably misled” by Blank as chair of the committee. The letter says Blank reneged on his commitment that the six members of the committee would be unanimous in their support of the Goodell extension—a charge I am told Blank denies. It is believed that Jones is adamant that the Compensation Committee’s proposed contract for Goodell be sent back to the full membership for possible adjustment. The committee would surely take that as an affront and object; the long tradition of the committee is that it is empowered to make a deal with the standing commissioner and the other owners will approve it. And in this case, the committee would object because owners voted unanimously to empower the committee to work out a Goodell extension last spring, and one owner source said the six committee members have gone back to their fellow owners “a minimum of two additional times this year” to update them and gauge their reactions. The committee has found consistent support for a new Goodell deal. But that hasn’t stopped Jones. As his 28-year ownership history shows, he is not afraid of taking an unpopular stand—and of angering his peers—when he feels he is right.

“There is little question in my mind,” said one ownership source, “that Jerry Jones wants to overthrow Roger Goodell.”

Goodell reportedly wants $50 million a year and a private jet for life.

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