Tuesday, December 12, 2017
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Last Uninjured Mets Starter Takes Liner Off Pitching Arm

Photo Credit: Matt Slocum/AP

Of the five starting pitchers who began the year in the Mets’ rotation, all save one have spent time on the disabled list. That one is Jacob deGrom. And here he is tonight, getting struck squarely on the right arm by a 99-mph line drive in the seventh inning:

He was pulled from the game, though he likely would have exited soon anyway with a 7-0 Mets lead after 100 pitches. Thankfully for the team, he was hit on the forearm, rather than the elbow as had been initially feared. As of now, it sounds like he’ll be fine. (With the team’s record of diagnosing injuries, though, one can really never be too sure.)

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