TN High School Baseball Players Snapchat Convos About Them Wanting to String Up N*ggers & N*gger Lovers


Today’s installment of racists revealed involves a group of high school baseball players from Tennessee who carried on Snapchat conversations about killing black people and their non-black friends.

Photos surfaced on social media on Monday of a group Snapchat conversation between users Dakota Phillips, Bryce Faulkner, Hutch Voss, Will Voss, Dick Reyners, and J.T. Lea where they discuss putting together a plan to make a lesson out of “nigger lovers” and stringing up “niggers.”

Dakota Phillips: I mean we can find one black guy and make an example for sure.

Will Voss: I say we hang the nigger lovers and make an example of of them.

Once photos of the conversation became public, Phillips posted an apology. It appears that Reyners leaked the photos.

To see the Snapchat conversation and disingenuous apology, flip the pages.

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